Slowpoke Duffel Bag

$79.00 USD

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Super large and practical duffel bag in spun polyester with all-over dye sublimated print featuring daisies, snail, inchworm, caterpillar and moth pals plus text on both sides: "Slowly but Surely" and "Better Late Than Never". A turtle surrounded by flowers sits on one circular end with a sad hare, no doubt disappointed to have lost the race, on the other. 

Bag measures 19" x 9.5" x 9.5". Perfect for a travel or a gym bag with room for lots of extras (we put 4 of our woven blankets in there for these photos!) Features two short shoulder straps and removable longer strap that can be worn cross-body, fully lined with an interior zip pocket and one mesh side pocket. Made in the USA.