MYSTERY SALE - Art Print Seconds

40% off regular price
$16.00 USD $9.60 USD

MYSTERY SALE! Seconds are prints that aren't perfect enough to sell at full price, or whose designs we've retired.  This can include digital prints and risograph prints. The most common reasons we consider a print to be a second are:

  • small marks or smudges
  • image printed slightly too large or too small
  • image printed slightly too dark or too light
  • retired designs with no flaws

We offer 2 size options: small prints which are either 8"x10" or 8.5" x 11", and large prints which are either 12" x 18" or 11"x17". 

You will receive a random print in the size group you choose. We cannot make any promises regarding colour, design or exact size and we cannot guarantee that orders of multiple samples won't include doubles (we try our best to avoid this but we recommend ordering in multiples of 2 or less).