Affiliate Info

Welcome to the club!

As a new Stay Home Club affiliate, your followers and anyone who uses your personalized link are entitled to 10% off any items in our affiliate discount items collection (which should automatically show up when a customer enters / clicks your link). It comprises everything we make that's designed in-house. Another way to make it easy for your followers to understand which items are eligible as they navigate the site, is to make sure the collection page lists "Stay Home Club" or "Stay Home Club x _____" as the designer / brand above the item title, like the below:

If the discount isn't automatically generating for any given reason, your link URL also works as a discount code (for example if your link is your discount code will be 'mycoolaccount')!

More excitingly, on ANY purchase they make from our website after following your affiliate link, you make 10% of the sale. As of May 2023, our affiliates are paid out automatically twice a month, according to their own agreements with Shopify. Shopify holds the funds for 30 days following a transaction in case of order cancellations or returns.

We hope that your welcome gift will help you introduce your followers to our brand! We also love to send out surprise gifts along the way to affiliates who are sending sales our way - we truly appreciate it. If you need any further help or guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at <3