Black Friday 2021 - All the info!

Our annual Black Friday sale will take place on November 26th, 2021 from midnight EST - midnight EST (Montreal time). 

Because it's a bit of a wild time, we're outlining the terms for our Black Friday sale here so we can devote more energy to packing orders quickly rather than being buried in customer service in the chaos that follows! So without further ado...

SHC Black Friday in a nutshell:

  • Midnight - midnight EST on November 26th, 2021
  • New collection (full price)
  • 25% minimum off all other items on the site, further discounts on select items and collections
  • No discount code required, prices are already marked down
  • Free surprise gifts in all orders 

Customer service FAQ / terms:

  • Orders placed before midnight EST on November 26th are not eligible for Black Friday sale prices
  • Items on sale for Black Friday are subject to our usual return policies, the return window has been extended to 45 days from ship date for the holiday season (meaning, they are not excluded from returns because of their sale price, however they are still subject to eligibility rules based on item type)
  • We cannot make any edits to orders placed on Black Friday. Please be extra vigilant about double checking your address, sizes ordered, etc. We can try to cancel orders if they have not been processed for shipping however this is not guaranteed
  • Items that are discounted for Black Friday are ineligible for other discount codes. Regular priced, new collection items function normally with pre-existing discount codes.
  • We will do our best to process all orders as quickly as possible, however delivery by Christmas is NOT guaranteed for Black Friday orders. It can take us 2-3 weeks to process the volume of orders that usually comes in on this day. Please be patient with us, and your mail carriers, we all want everyone to get their stuff too! We made you this printable certificate to wrap up in case your intended gift doesn't make it in time <3