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Emerald Drive Riso Print - BLM Fundraisder

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Emerald Drive is a piece by Toronto-based artist Stephanie Singleton inspired by elements of her mother's childhood in Saint Andrew, Jamaica.

We licensed the work from Stephanie for an edition of 100, 11" x 17" riso prints, and 100% of the proceeds from the edition will be distributed between organizations serving the Black community in North America, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

We've chosen to split our donations between Mission Bon Acceuil and The Innocence Project

MBA is here in our own Montreal neighbourhood, and as part of their many services they provide aid to those experiencing food insecurity in Montreal. Black households in Canada are over 3.5 x more likely to experience food insecurity than white ones. Some highly recommended reading on the subject here.

The Innocence Project are a US based organization devoted to exonerating the wrongly convicted and reforming the criminal justice system as well as supporting exonerees as they rebuild their lives. Over 300 people have been exonerated in the US through DNA testing since 1989. 61% of them were Black.

A note on riso prints: The charm of riso prints is in their imperfections. Slight registration shifts and opacity changes can happen as the paper moves through the machine, making each print potentially unique. See photos for examples. These are not considered flaws.