FAQ / Support

Q: I have a pressing issue / question / etc! How do I get in touch with you?!

A: You can reach us re: website issues, item questions, order issues, etc. at support@stayhomeclub.com. Please note that we answer emails during business hours only - 10 AM to 5 PM EST on weekdays, and our office is closed on Thursdays. 


Q: I live in ______________. Do you ship there? What's the deal? How much does it cost?

A: We ship nearly everywhere. Please check out our shipping guidelines here for all the dirty details. For your convenience, there's a shipping calculator located at the bottom of the shopping cart page. After you've added items to your cart it will tell you how much it will cost for us to ship them to you, no matter where you live!

Note: there are shipping differences / restrictions on some product categories - for example, blankets and duffel bags are made to order and can only be shipped internationally during certain special events. 

Q: Do you accept returns / exchanges?

A: We accept returns on full priced apparel for store credit only. See the policy and apply for a return here.


Q: Can I place an order for a custom size / get this print I like on a different colour / etc?

A: At the moment our time is filled with regular orders, so unfortunately we can't accept custom requests. 

Q: Can you design / make me a custom patch/pin that looks just like my cat / dog / lizard / etc?

A: If you'd like to commission our creative director to design a patch for you, contact her at hello@stayhomeclub.com. You'll have to order a minimum quantity of 100 patches or pins in the same design.


Q: I'm Canadian, can I shop in CAD?

A: Yes! You can display the website as well as check out in CAD using the currency switcher in the top left corner of the website. Please note that because we can only operate the back end of the website in one currency, the CAD pricing will fluctuate based on the current exchange rate against the USD. This also means that thresholds for things like free shipping have to be based on USD (for example, our free Canadian shipping starts on orders over $100 USD which is approx. $125 CAD). Only orders processed using credit cards through Shop Pay are eligible for CAD checkout, unfortunately PayPal checkout will revert you to USD payment. 


Q: I really wanted to buy ____________ but it's sold out! When will it be back in stock?

A: Usually when items sell out we aim to restock within a month. It can take a while because it involves ordering new blanks, fitting them into the schedule to get printed, etc. Every sold out variant has a "notify me when available" button - if you click that and enter your email address, you'll be automatically contacted as soon as the item is back in stock!


Q: I really wanted to buy ____________ but it's not even on the site anymore! Will it come back at all?

A: If something has disappeared from the site it's no longer being printed. We can't continue to bring out new items while keeping all the old ones or our small-ish storage space would become totally overwhelmed! The nature of screen printing is such that we can't produce one-off items for you, so emailing to ask whether we can will prove to be futile. Very sorry about that!

Q: My gift card from the old custom portrait site / old Canadian site aren't working here!

A: Since these websites have now closed, we can swap the balance over for you. Just shoot us an email! support@stayhomeclub.com

 Q: Where are your garments made?

A: We're committed to finding the best possible balance between truly ethical manufacturing and a fair price point for our customers, and we aim to offer products that run the gamut of the price spectrum so that our brand is accessible to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we have our signature style the "loose tee" manufactured custom for us in Ontario, Canada, along with a selection of our custom dyed crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies. For other items, we work with brands we trust who conform to ethical manufacturing standards and guidelines. Currently these brands include Russell Athletic who mainly manufacture in Bangladesh, and M&O, a proudly Mexican-owned brand whose facilities are located in Mexico.

All our apparel items are printed right here in Montreal.

Q: How do you print your products?

A: Since mid-2022 we have been transitioning all apparel items to water-based ink printing, which is not only more eco-friendly than traditional plastisol prints but also way more durable, long-lasting, and allows for more detail in the prints. Instead of laying on top of the fabric, water-based ink literally dyes the fibres of the garments, so it has a super-soft feel (after one wash you most likely won't be able to feel any remnant of texture on the print whatsoever)!

 Q: I ordered from you like a freakin' month ago and it hasn't shipped yet. What do I do?

A: For any customer service concerns, please contact us at support@stayhomeclub.com - We'll do our very best to resolve the issue quickly!


Q: You shipped my item but the tracking has stalled / is giving false information / my parcel is late / etc. What do I do?

A: Items that have been shipped with tracking become the responsibility of the postal system, be it USPS or your country's mail service. If your tracking number is giving you confusing data, please contact your local post office or the customer support for your postal entity first. They will have a much better idea of how to solve your issues than we will, sitting here, looking at the same tracking info as you! If they point you in our direction, by all means get in touch and we will do our best to duke it out with them ;) Note that especially during the holiday season all mail systems get bogged down and backlogged, so tracking can act weirder than usual.


Q: You shipped my item and the USPS tracking says it was delivered, but I can't find it! What do I do?

A: If you're an international customer, plug the same tracking number into your country's postal service website (for example, Royal Mail in the UK). They will often have more detail about the delivery there.

If you're in the USA: Sometimes USPS mail carriers scan their parcels early for some bizarre reason. There's a chance your mail will show up. If you haven't received your parcel within 2 business days of the "delivered" date, here's what you can do:

First: look everywhere. Look hard! We have seen all manner of bizarre situations, from the mail carrier hiding a parcel behind a plant to someone's dog dragging a parcel into his doghouse only for it to be found, shredded, months later. Ask your roommate, your neighbor, your building manager, etc. if they have seen the parcel. This is especially pertinent during the holiday season when mail carriers are doing their best to avoid parcel theft, so they may get crafty with their parcel hiding! Be thorough in your search!

Second: If you still can't locate your parcel, get in touch with us and we will work on this with you.

Q: Do you charge taxes on your products?

A: We charge taxes to our Canadian customers, as is required by law, as well as VAT to our UK customers (on orders valued at over £135) since January 1st, 2021 brought new regulations after Brexit. If you live in other overseas countries you may be asked to pay sales tax by your country's customs officials when your order arrives. 


Q: I live overseas, will I get charged extra fees when my order is delivered?

A: UK customers should not be charged extra fees on orders under £135 now that we collect VAT. Orders over that threshold will be subject to customs fees / taxes as calculated by the Royal Mail upon delivery.

Every other country's policy on import taxes / customs / duties is different. Please be informed of your country's policies on importing goods from abroad so that you aren't caught off guard if/when you are required to pay a fee. Usually your mail service will have a section devoted to it on their website. We have no control over these fees, they're purely at the discretion of your country's customs office. In our experience European countries tend to have strict enforcement of import taxes and fees, while Australia and New Zealand are quite lax. US and Canada customers will never get charged customs as we send our parcels from within those countries.


Q: Are your products available for wholesale?

A: Yep! If you have a shop and you're interested in carrying our products please fill in this form.


Q: I'm an artist / illustrator - can I work with you?

A: We aren't currently looking for new artists, but if you think you're a great fit you can email us at hello@stayhomeclub.com with the title "ARTIST SUBMISSION" and include a link to somewhere we can see your work. We're so sorry that we can't answer every submission personally, but if we're interested we will get in touch!