Pin & Patch Application Info


Iron-On Patches: Place the patch where you want it on the garment. Use a scrap of fabric (a rag or old t-shirt scrap will do - not something you want to wear again!) to cover the patch. Iron with the scrap fabric in between the patch and the heat element for 30 seconds on high heat. Then, flip the garment inside out and iron from the opposite side, with the fabric of the garment separating the patch from the iron. Go for 30 seconds again. Check the patch for lifting edges and continue to iron on both sides as before until all edges are good and stuck! This can take some time depending on the substrate you're ironing onto :)

Adhesive Patches: Simply peel off the sticker backing and adhere to most surfaces you can dream of! If using on fabric, feel free to follow the above instructions to iron your patch on for extra hold. You can also stitch around the edge of any patch for the most secure hold.


Locking Pinbacks: Squeeze / pull the thin top disc away from the main section of the pinback. Once top disc has been lifted, pull entire pinback off of pin. We made a little video to help with this here.