Resting My Eyes Woven Blanket

$135.00 USD

Resting My Eyes Woven Blanket may have different shipping times and restrictions than other items. Please refer to the item description for details!

A 50"x60" tapestry style blanket woven out of 100% cotton featuring a design inspired by a custom blanket giveaway winner! So many of you related to this sentiment on Instagram that we made it a stock design!

Proudly made in the USA.  Wash cold, tumble dry low.

**We open a shipping window for Canadian and International blanket orders during the first week of every month. During the rest of the month this item can only be ordered for shipping to US addresses.  Please allow 1-2 weeks between order and ship date for US orders, and up to 4 weeks for Canadian & International orders (this also applies to any other items in your order). For US orders these ship directly from the weavers to your address - we kindly ask that you order any other items separately!*