Resting My Eyes Blanket

$135.00 USD

Resting My Eyes Blanket may have different shipping times and restrictions than other items. Please refer to the item description for details!

A 50"x60" tapestry style blanket woven out of 100% cotton featuring a design inspired by a custom blanket giveaway winner! So many of you related to this sentiment on Instagram that we made it a stock design!

Proudly made in the USA.  Wash cold, tumble dry low.

Blankets can currently ship to the USA & Canada. They are made to order and ship directly from our manufacturer in the US. Please allow 1-2 weeks between order and ship date. Unfortunately, blankets are not eligible for free shipping to Canadian customers. We hold special events where we open international / cover the cost of Canadian shipping every so often: the next one takes place on December 26th. 

For all customers: We kindly ask that you order any other items separately!